Sustainable Architecture

Petratex's building was thought and designed in order to take full advantage of the good sun exposure of the area in which it is located, through the implementation of large windows, skylights and glass divisions.


Lighting is a key element at Petratex. The installation of Skylights during the construction of the building and Solartubes over the years not only provide an increase in natural light throughout the building but also control the rise or fall of the temperature inside Petratex.

The presence of luminosity sensors and illuminance measurements are a constant throughout the building. In 2023, the increased placement of this equipment will adjust the light to the needs and intensity of sunlight - greater lighting efficiency - greater energy efficiency.

In 2023, the measurement and communication of brightness through screens will mean better management of lights that are on and off.

Green Light - In 2022, the use of LEDs will be a constant intensified - allowing greater efficiency in lighting - and therefore greater energy savings. In addition, unnecessary lights will be turned off or removed.


Within our factory, we have vast biodiversity, which includes our 7500m2 garden, a lake, peacocks, black swans, carp, and 302 specimens of trees, such as olive trees, plane trees, cypresses, oaks, pines, birches, poplars, wild pears, liquidamber and oleanders. All these trees capture CO2 and regulate the temperature, thus reducing the need for artificial climate control.


Petratex employees are encouraged to use public transport through our free bus service, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

In 2018, charging points for electric/hybrid vehicles were installed free of charge for employees, encouraging the use of alternatives to fossil fuels.