The Petratex team




The Petratex team


Petratex develops its activity in a global and multicultural market. For this reason, we are committed to building a group of qualified and committed people.

By offering challenging opportunities to our employees, we aim to bring out the best in each one, allowing each person to realize their full potential.

We firmly believe that having a workforce made up of different people, with different backgrounds, life experiences and professional paths, at the most diverse levels, is the key to our success.

Developing diversity requires a deep-rooted culture of inclusion.

This inclusive environment, benefiting from the skills of a diverse group, helps Petratex to achieve its goals on a daily basis.

Our employees perform their tasks in an environment where difference is welcomed, respected and valued as an important contribution to the enrichment of our innovative products, ideas and projects.

All with a view to the total satisfaction of our customers.