Sustainable Choices

In our daily lives, we explore sustainable practices in all processes, from creation and development, to the choice of materials and the manufacture of the pieces. At Petratex we believe we can help make a difference.

We collaborate with suppliers with supporting certifications (GOTS, BCI, GRS, European Flax) to source sustainable materials - recycled, organic, natural and biodegradable.

Use of biodegradable garbage bags.

Use of FSC/PEFC certified cardboard boxes.

Use of PVC-free plastic.


Petratex has a recycling rate of 90%.

Creation of communication tools with employees to encourage recycling.

Implementation of appropriate containers and locations for the correct separation of waste.

Textile Waste represents 50% of the total, so we work with partners who send them for recycling, managing to divert more than 100 ton of waste per year from the landfill.

Recycling fibers such as cotton.

We have over 15 different waste streams including fabrics, paper and board, plastic, chemicals and their packaging, and end-of-life equipment that we send for recycling through authorized waste operators.


Reuse of pallets in the warehouse.

Reuse of boxes from suppliers and subcontractors.

Reuse of cardboard tubes in the storage and transport of raw materials.

Reuse of plastic bags that are used in the warehouse for material distribution.

Organic waste from the canteen is delivered to people in the nearby community to support the feeding of farm animals.