Process Digitization

Integrated business management systems (ERP).

Collaborative portals for customers, suppliers and manufacturers: web solution that optimizes relationships and increases performance.

Software MES:

Collection and analysis of production data in real time using NFC technology. Each seamstress has a tablet for recording production and has access to model information, such as technical dossier, 3D, video manuals of construction and assembly of model operations, materials, alerts, etc.

Collect data from equipment through sensors. Quality control using artificial vision cameras: automatically saves test photos for customers.

For better efficiency in the cutting process and reduction of associated waste, Petratex uses software to optimize cutting plans.

We have a real-time stock control, where you only buy what you need to produce.

Document management:

Integrated solution for archiving and consulting processes and digital documents. We manage and control prints to encourage the “Paperless” culture.

Workflow management software: users carry out work guided by a paperless work plan - early identification of a bottleneck in workflow and real-time monitoring of tasks.

Import & export management software: use of an import and export control platform in order to group orders, which makes transport more efficient, reduces costs and associated CO2 emissions.

Culture of business intelligence and big data for decision making: A 360º view in real time.

3D Modeling

Together with the Modeling and Design Department, Petratex invests daily in 3D as one of the most innovative and sustainable software on the market. In addition to being an environmentally friendly technique as it does not produce waste, 3D also has great benefits in terms of cost reduction. With this technique, the customer can have access to the virtual creation of their part, which reduces sample production and the associated footprint.