Consumption Reduction

Implementation of flushing systems with double flushing and timed taps to save water.

Use of gravity in water circuits to save energy.

Implementation of an intelligent irrigation system with a humidity sensor.


Use of abstraction water for industrial purposes and irrigation of green spaces.

Use of thermal energy - the hot water used preheats the cold water that will be used.

Washing of printed fabric with reuse of clean water – against the current or reuse of the last cycle to save water.


Monitoring of water consumption - mains, capture, reused, hot and sanitation.

Monitoring of water pressure, in order to detect malfunctions and leaks.


The treatment of water for reuse is done through our industrial wastewater treatment plant (ETARi), implemented in 2016 – toilet flushing, machine cleaning, general cleaning, and washing/floor – saving 4 m3/day.

All the effluent is then sent to the Municipal WWTP.

Chemicals Management

The Chemicals used at Petratex comply with the REACH regulation – in the stamping process they have certifications such as GOTS and GRS.

Use of less harmful chemicals, such as water-based paints instead of solvent-based ones. We always respect the environment and take care of the people involved in the process, as well as the end consumer.

In order to avoid dry cleaning and the use of solvents, Petratex opts for a Wet Cleaning System.