Carbon Footprint

Reduction of energy consumption per unit of production by 42% (2015-2020)

Reduction of total CO2 emissions by 66% (2015-2020)

Green Energy

The energy purchased from the grid is 100% renewable energy and avoids the emission of 1000 ton of CO2 per year.

Installation of solar panels 900 kva for self-consumption = annually avoids the emission of 160 ton of CO2 per year.

Green Light - The use of LEDs is implemented whenever possible - greater lighting efficiency - greater energy savings.

Real-time control of energy production.

Use of timers in equipment to reduce electrical consumption.

Increase of thermal insulation in equipment in order to reduce thermal losses.

Use of variable frequency systems to increase efficiency and reduce current peaks.


The implementation of a biomass system, in 2012, allowed the heating of Petratex and the production of hot water = fuel with a neutral carbon footprint – avoiding the emission of 230 tons of CO2 per year. The installation of this boiler started with olive pits in 2012, followed by a mix of almond shells in 2016. Nowadays, heating is done with pellets.


Currently, we have many meters installed for monitoring energy, gas, steam pressure, compressed air, etc. The real-time monitoring of consumption throughout the company allows for efficient planning of machine use, the detection of faults and problems + fast, through the issuance of automatic reports.

In 2023, the expansion and installation of 50 more electric and gas meters will allow for an increase in energy control.

Allocation of consumption by sector and verification of divergences.

In equipment where there is a possibility, the placement of a clock will allow them to automatically turn them off when they are not needed.

Compressed Air

Increase in the placement of solenoid valves in the compressed air network for automatic closing and energy savings.

The existence of an internal leak detection plan, in order to avoid extra energy consumption, which leads to the improvement of the network after the correction of leaks.